• Ruth

York Open Studios

It’s been a good few weeks since we showcased as part of York Open Studios and things stayed busy for a while. Natalie got married the weekend after (yes in our busiest month of the year!) and we’ve held two workshops at The Creative Studio York, which were great!

We absolutely loved taking part in YOS, we didn't really know what to expect with it being our first time participating, we have experienced the event as a visitor and always enjoyed it, but being the artist showcasing and opening Natalie’s house up to the public was a very different experience. Whilst we were preparing, our first obstacle was deciding how much work to create. We usually work on a made to order basis, creating bespoke pieces for our clients so we don’t usually have a large body of work ready to exhibit. We also didn't know what to expect in terms of sales, we decided to create enough pieces to put on a good exhibition and then those that didn’t sell we would use to put on our online shop, something that’s been on the ‘to do’ list for a very long time.

We were extremely lucky to be exhibiting where we were as it meant we fell into the ‘Westies’ catchment area. The artists in this area all got together to create our own ‘Westies’ trail so that people visiting another artist in the area could be easily lead to the rest of us. This was fantastic for us with it being our first year and the fact we’re not very well known around York yet. The group was so supportive and we felt really privileged to be part of it. Some members of the group had been doing YOS for many years so had a large following and wealth of knowledge to offer advice to us newbies.

Everyone who came to visit us was SO lovely. Most people that came through were people who had found us in the brochure and decided to pay us a visit. As we weren't in a high footfall area, we didn’t get a great deal of walk ins. We did have one lovely walk in who was riding past on her scooter and saw our yellow balloons as she was heading to some venues on the other side of the city. She ended up buying one of our garments to wear to a wedding in Spain, we can’t wait to see the photographs! We had a nice steady stream of people throughout both of the weekends, we got to have some great conversations and do some knowledge sharing, it’s amazing how many creative people there are in our city, you don’t quite realise until those yellow balloons start popping up all over the place!

During the YOS experience, we also met some of the members from the York Textile Artists group, we applied to join the group and are pleased to announce that we have been accepted. We are very excited to get to know a group of people with similar interests and start taking part in their exhibitions, updates to follow!


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