• Ruth

Name Change & Rebrand!

This month we have kicked off the start of a rebrand. The first thing you’ll have noticed is that we have changed our name! Meiji Designs is no more, we are now going to be known as Natalie & Ruth! And our official business name is Natalie & Ruth Textiles Ltd. 

When we first started Meiji Designs, fresh out of uni, we started off using Japanese dyeing techniques such as shibori, and we always knew we wanted to make kimonos, albeit a very westernised version of the kimono. The Meiji era was when chemical dyes, which means brighter colours, were introduced and kimonos were inspired by western design. We still make kimono inspired garments, although we are hesitant to call them kimonos as they are not like the traditional ones. And we are still really inspired by the ideology of the kimono being a work of art and unique to the wearer.

However, we no longer use Japanese dyeing techniques and we found that this is what people often honed in on, particularly in articles. There is a fine line between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation and we would never want to seem ignorant to another culture, so it felt right to change our company name. 

The service that we provide to our clients is very personal, wether it be a bespoke garment for themselves, having some fabric printed to be made in to something for their wedding, picking out a special gift for a loved one or attending a workshop. And we love this personal connection we have with all our clients so rather than come up with another business name (which we did try to do...) we’ve decided to go back to basics and be known by our own names! Which most of you will indeed know already. 

There are other reasons behind the rebrand too and you’ll see more things emerging in due course. There are lots of things that we feel passionate about and we want to share with you and to show through our brand. So watch this space! 


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